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Hotel Imperial

Hotel Imperial

(Dark Alley #4)

Finally the moment has arrived!
At the opening ceremony of Alice's heart's project, the Hotel Imperial, Jason pops the question.
Happiness seems almost perfect.

To avoid the media hype, the wedding of the two takes place in a small circle on the recently established domicile in the Caribbean. From there their honeymoon starts and stops in Jason's favorite cities.
Here, too, the two want to find suitable hotels for the chain "Hotel Imperial", which will also serve members of the future Club Bordeaux, which is to be in no way inferior to the former Dark Alley Club.

Hotel Imperial is the fourt book in the Dark Alley series. You must have read the previous seasons to enjoy this book to the fullest.

This bundle is expected to contain up to eight episodes of the fourth season of Dark Alley: Hotel Imperial.

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Hotel Imperial

Blood Consort

(Blood Empires #1)

I am a Scarlet. They call me Rose.

Rose belongs to the "Reds." That's what the vampires call the humans who are born slaves in the Blood Empires, the vampires' shadow society among humans.
Since Rose was made a Scarlet at the tender age of ten, she has known only one goal: to become the Blood Consort of vampire elder Augustus Aurelius, at whose court she is being trained. For not only does this position offer power, influence and the chance to become a vampire herself, but also the opportunity to see her mother again and meet her father.
But then the infamous Crimson Armand returns to his father's court, who, as a half-vampire, is not only one of the rarest of creatures, but proves to be Rose's greatest challenge.
For Rose is hell-bent on achieving her goal. Cost what it may and if it must be, even her heart.

Blood Consort is the first book of a four book series, which must be read in order.

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