Important announcement

Important announcement


I've tried my best but I've reached my limit.

All of you who have read my announcement on the 13th on Facebook or Instagram or are friends with me already know that my mother is severyly ill. Not only does she have non-hodgkin's-lymphoma but suffers from atypical mycobacteriosis. The combination has proven to be a challenge for her doctors. She's a fighter but recently she's been in and out of the hospital.
Today has been the worst, and for the first time since she's started her battle, I am scared for her life.

That being said, I need a break because right now my unwavering mother needs me to be strong for her. I am utterly shaken by her condition which makes it impossible for me to write, even though it is my escape from reality.

I hope you understand that I need to move my release dates once more.

Club Bordeaux will now be released on December 2nd and all other releases have been moved for another month.

I hate to disappoint you all but I hope you understand and respect my decision.

Sincerely, Dee

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