Ho-Ho-Hotness is coming your way!

Ho-Ho-Hotness is coming your way!
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Club Bordeaux is finally available!


During release week, it's only 2.99!

The final Season!

Newly married and well-rested after returning from their honeymoon, an urgent business deal forces Jason to leave his wife's side again. Alice suspects that her new daily routine will be different from the one she knew before her wedding because the world does not stand still, and her husband is responsible for tens of thousands of jobs.

But as rulers of Club Bordeaux, they have every opportunity to keep their relationship hot and sizzling.

Club Bordeaux is the fifth and final book in the Dark Alley series. You must have read the previous seasons to fully enjoy this book.

This bundle contains four episodes of the final season of Dark Alley: Club Bordeaux and a bonus story: I Can See You: A Yakuza Dark Romance

Grab it now!

Heartless Heroes Anthology: Preoder now fo 99!


Twenty-Three best selling authors have come together to give you something dark, and steamy. Each book is limited to the set only, and is brand new!! You won’t find these stories anywhere else.
HEARTLESS HEROES is a dark romance anthology that will please anyone who loves villains, antiheroes, criminals and monsters.
It’s on SALE for 99 CENTS for a very limited time!!
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