After embracing the fact that what she truly wants does not fit into the expectations of society, Alice tries to adapt to her new way of life. This means keeping her love life and new boyfriend a secret to absolutely everyone, apart from Bianca, who can't wait to meet the man, who turned her best friend upside down, but also keeping it strictly business when it is impossible to avoid the man Alice is working for.Grantham Global is the second book of the Dark Alley series.

You need to have read the first season, to fully enjoy this book.

This bundle contains episodes 1 - 6 of the Second Season of Dark Alley: Grantham Global.

Episodes of Season 2:
#1 Grantham Global: Strictly Business
#2 Grantham Global: After Hours
#3 Grantham Global: Corporate Affairs
#4 Grantham Global: Revision
#5 Grantham Global: Exposure
#6 Grantham Global: Scandal

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