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Hello dear fans!
Sorry for my long absence and the lack of information regarding new releases, but I needed a break and to re-access what I really want. Thank you for your patience!
Something personal to whom it may concern.
Ever since I started a new job last year, I have have struggled to balance my work like, private live and publishing, and I've came to realize that I couldn't go on like this, because I had close to no private life, which proved to be very unhealthy for me. I became stressed and overly emotional, because I wanted to publish regularly to keep you - my beloved readers - happy. But it made me unhappy, which is something I don't want to be.
So, this Year, things are going to be different. I will only announce books when they are ready, which means: less publications, but only full novels. There will be no books announced unless I have already started to write them.
This doesn't mean I won't write the books I have announced, but I cannot tell you when they will be released. But, I can guarantee two releases to yoou this year:
Blood - the full novel
Grantham Global - the full novel.
I have a truckload of ideas, and I will share them with you, but they will stay ideas unless there is some official promo released.
I hope you understand my decision. And I promise you, I will be more talkative this year. If you have any questions regarding other books or anything else, just ask in the comments. Thank you! Dee

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